When Is Independent Living The Best Choice?

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When Is Independent Living The Best Choice?

30 March 2015
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When elderly people age, there is often a lot of confusion and uncertainty in their own minds and the minds of their loved ones as to where they ought to live. One of the most popular options for aged people is what they call independent living. For what kind of person is independent living the best option, and what should people consider when deciding whether independent living is for the or a loved one?


Independent living, like that provided by Kind-er Care, Inc., is best for people who are generally healthy. More important than ones overall health, however, is whether one is capable of taking care of their own health. Can they remember to take the proper medication, attend their scheduled doctors appointments, and take care of themselves? If the answer to any of these is no then independent living is definitely the best option; assisted living and nursing homes are a much better option.


So what is the difference between independent living and staying in the house or apartment complex someone is currently living in? The main answer, and the biggest draw for many people to consider independent living, is that it provides a community of similarly-aged people. Independent living gives elderly people a community of equals to live and experience the latter years of their life with.  The kind of friendships and camaraderie that independent living facilitates can be absolutely invaluable and bring a lot of joy and enjoyment. Community is one of the most relevant and important draws to living in independent communities.

Types of Independent Living

There are three main categories of independent living. Retirement communities are what most people think of when they hear the words "independent living." There are also, however, senior apartments, and low income housing. Retirement communities are communities of exclusively senior dedicated housing that provides a community and place for abled-bodied seniors to interact and live independent lives.

Senior apartments offer much of the same community that retirement communities provide, with additional amenities and, in many cases, additional medical care and nursing, with some even offering dementia units and nursing apartments as well. These tend, however to be even more experience than retirement communities.

That's where low income housing comes in, these are government subsided communities that are much cheaper than retirement communities. These are great options for those for whom money is a concern.

Independent living is a viable, and often incredibly smart, choice for senior living