Ways To Stay Active As A Senior In Florida

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Ways To Stay Active As A Senior In Florida

31 March 2015
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Florida is easily one of the most sought after places to retire. From the beaches to the warm weather to the many activities available, there are plenty reasons why seniors choose to retire in Florida. In fact, some cities offer an overwhelming population of retirees living in the area. Punta Gorda boasts that 30.5% of their residents are senior citizens. There is much more to do for senior available in Florida than most other places in the country. If you are an active senior and looking to for a place that offers many different activities for you to participate in, Florida is the place to be.


One of the best ways to stay active in Florida that doesn't require strenuous activity is golfing. There are over 1,000 golf courses located in the state of Florida. This is the most in any state. For seniors looking to stay active, many golf courses offer a senior discount that allows them to score a round of golf cheaper than the usual rate. You can even find many of the retirement communities residing right on the golf course. This allows you easy access to some great fairways. By living in Florida, you can also take advantage of the off season rates. 


Swimming is a great aerobic activity for anyone, but it can be very beneficial to senior who cannot handle other exercises. Swimming offers many benefits for senior citizens including reducing the rick of osteoporosis, greater flexibility, and easier on the joints. While senior citizens in the more northern states will struggle to find great swimming spots, those who live in Florida have much more opportunity to take advantage of this type of exercise. From the beaches, to the pools, to the lakes, Florida is surrounded by tons of water. Additionally, the year round warm water makes it easier to enjoy the activity all year round. 


A popular sport among many seniors includes shuffleboard. This game is typically played outdoors and provides plenty of activity and enjoyment for seniors. using a long stick and pucks, seniors don't have to exert themselves too much to play this sport. Because of the beautiful weather Florida is known for, shuffle board games are a popular extra curricular activity. This game requires a little bit of force and plenty of standing making it great for seniors to remain active playing. Many of the Florida retirement communities offer this to their residents. Additionally, Orlando offers this activity free in two of their senior centers.