Three Issues That Show It Is Time For Assisted Living Care

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Three Issues That Show It Is Time For Assisted Living Care

22 June 2015
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Senior assisted living is a facet of life that will be helpful to your loved one if they are having some trouble getting around, taking care of themselves or receiving treatment for medical issues. However, you will need to analyze their life to get a specific idea about whether they might be a candidate for assisted living care. This guide will lay out three issues that indicate that your elderly loved one might benefit from such service. 

Issue #1: Your Loved One Is Increasingly Aggressive

If your elderly loved one is showing increased aggression, it might be a sign that they are in the early signs of dementia. This is particularly a strong sign if your loved one is increasingly aggressive later in the evening, as this is a condition known as Sundowner's Syndrome. Signs of aggression can increase the likelihood that your loved one has trouble at home, or that they may be more likely to hurt themselves or not get the proper care that they need and deserve. 

Issue #2: Your Loved One Is Having Trouble Caring For Their Home Or Getting Around

When you stop by your loved one's home, take a look around and get an idea of how they are taking care of the house. If the grass is high, the refrigerator and cabinets empty and general upkeep on the home is shoddy, these are signs that there may be trouble. If your loved one is forgetting or unable to take care of their home, it is also likely their personal care will decline as well. You should also be mindful of their means of getting around. If your loved one is unable to drive, this can also affect their health and ability to get the help and service that they need. 

Issue #3: They Are Having More Accidents And Are Recovering From Them More Slowly

If your loved one is not only getting hurt more often, but also healing more slowly from injuries and colds, it is a red flag that they need assisted living care. Small injuries and sicknesses can have large repercussions for a person the older they get, so you need to be sure that they are protected as much as possible. An assisted living professional will greatly help them to avoid such perils. 

Consider these three issues, so that you can do the right thing and get your loved one the assisted living help that is necessary. 

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