What Happens During A Typical Day At An Adult Day Care Facility

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What Happens During A Typical Day At An Adult Day Care Facility

11 December 2015
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When you have a loved that needs care during the day, an adult day care center is an excellent option. Many people choose this type of care for their loved one when the the person needing care lives with them, but they need to work full time outside the home. Understanding what happens during a typical day at an adult day care facility may ease your concerns about having a loved one care for during the day while you are working.

Activities that Promote Socialization 

While there will be people attending the day care facility with varying levels of skill, the program will provide activities that promote socialization at the level in which people are capable. Whether it is reading the paper together and learning about the news, making a craft, or singing songs together, the program will work hard to give those that attend the socialization they may be lacking at home. One of the bigger issues for people who are disabled, is a lack of socialization.

Assistance with Daily Living Needs

It doesn't matter what level of care your loved one needs, the facility will provide the care they need throughout the day. Whether your loved one simply needs reminders to use the bathroom, or they need complete care, the facility will make a plan for every individual that is tailored to their specific needs during the time they spend in the program.

Medication Administration As Needed

If your loved one is on medication, this will be administered during the day if it is necessary. Upon admittance to the program, you will fill out paperwork that indicates the medication your loved one is one and you will sign the necessary paperwork for the program to administer the medication. If you want your loved one to receive any as needed medication, such as tylenol if they have a headache, you can sign paperwork to allow for this administration as well.

Meals and Snacks are Served

Just like any program that takes care of individuals throughout the day, meals and snacks will be served during the day on a routine schedule. Whether you will be responsible for packing lunches and snacks, or the facility provides them, will depend on the facility you choose for your loved one.

If you are considering an adult day care facility like Wellspring Meadows Assisted Living for a loved one, take the time to tour any programs in your area so that you get a good feel for what happens during a typical day.