3 Benefits Senior's Experience By Attending Adult Day Care

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3 Benefits Senior's Experience By Attending Adult Day Care

11 January 2016
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If your elderly parent that lives with you begins getting bored being alone while you are at work, or if he or she needs assistance during this time, you could always consider dropping him or her off at an adult day care center. Adult day care centers like Chapin Home For The Aging are geared towards helping seniors with normal tasks, but they are also designed for social purposes. Here are ways your parent will benefit from attending an adult day care center during the day.


While your parent spends the day at an adult day care center, he or she will be safe. This is a benefit for him or her, and it may also be beneficial to you, simply because you can feel more content and certain that your parent will not take a fall while you are gone at work.

Adult day care centers have workers that assist the seniors with anything they may need help with. This includes walking around, using the bathrooms, and feeding themselves.


If your parent tends to sit around too much, attending an adult day care center could also be beneficial to him or her for another reason. Many of these centers offer exercise classes. Some of the classes are simply for stretching, while others may be for building their muscles. In any case, getting exercise is important for seniors.

Getting exercise can help a senior stay mobile and strong, and it is good for the person's heart and health. There is also evidence that supports the claim that exercise can be beneficial for a person's mind and emotions.


Finally, your parent will not have to sit home bored each day of the week if you enroll him or her in adult day care. Instead, your parent can meet other seniors and actually have fun. In addition to offering exercise classes, most adult day care centers also have a variety of other activities available. These include:

  • Group games, such as bingo
  • Board games
  • Singing activities
  • Field trips
  • Crafts
  • Cooking activities

There may also be other services available too, such as counseling services. If your parent feels sad, angry, or depressed, he or she could spend some of the day talking to a counselor about this.

If you feel guilty or are worried about your parent being home alone, this could be a good solution. You can learn more about the services and costs of adult day care by contacting a center in your area.