How Physical Therapy Can Benefit Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

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How Physical Therapy Can Benefit Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

11 July 2016
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If you are worried about someone you love that has just received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, you should know that one of the greatest steps to take for treatment is physical therapy. Physical therapy has been found to help a great deal for patients with MS during the early stages of the disease. Learn more about how physical therapy can benefit your loved one with MS.

A Physical Therapist Will Make an Initial Assessment

When your loved one learns he or she has MS, starting physical therapy right away is extremely important. Your loved one's physical therapist will determine where that person's greatest areas of strength and weaknesses are to start. Once the therapist has an idea about the strong and weak points, he or she will put together a tailored exercise program. When physical therapy is started early after the initial onset of MS, your loved one will have greater chance of maintaining enough mobility to maintain his or her job and to have the ability to maintain daily activities at home. For example, exercises performed regularly on a treadmill can help to maintain leg muscles for keeping the ability to walk.

Physical Therapy at Nursing Rehabilitation Centers

For many MS sufferers, the progression of the disease is faster than it is for others. This places these patients in a position to experience mobility issues that place them in danger of serious injury from falls. If your loved one is experiencing a great and sudden loss of his or her ability to walk or eat, you should consider the benefits of intensive physical therapy in a nursing rehabilitation facility. The attention your loved one can receive in a rehabilitation center can be great, thus providing more of a chance of getting back some physical abilities like walking with a cane or eating on his or her own. If your loved has begun to exhibit symptoms of serious MS progression, contacting a rehabilitation center or an organization like Hillcrest Nursing Center is vital for his or her well-being and safety.

Talk to Your Loved One's Physical Therapist about Aquatic Exercises

If your loved one is unable to stand up, he or she may be able to benefit from aquatic exercises. Many people with MS find that exercising in warm water has helped them to have greater mobility. Warm water can help your loved one's body to maintain a temperature that is sufficient for exercising. Discuss with a physical therapist the benefits of aquatic therapy for your loved one with MS, whether he or she is still at home or in a nursing facility.

Learning more about the benefits of various MS treatment options is a good way to increase your loved one's good health and overall physical and emotional stability.