Assisted Living: 3 Reasons You Should Consider It For Your Loved One

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Assisted Living: 3 Reasons You Should Consider It For Your Loved One

22 November 2016
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While it would be nice if your loved one could live in their home until the day that they die, this simply is not a feasible option under most circumstances. Here are three reasons why you may need to consider moving your beloved family member to an assisted living facility:

1. They Experience Problems Performing Basic Routine Tasks.

There are certain tasks that are performed on a regular basis and are often taken for granted, such as doing laundry, getting dressed, paying the bills, preparing meals, and driving to a doctor's appointment. Some of these tasks aren't enjoyable, but they have to get done. When your loved one reaches a certain age, these tasks can become more difficult to do. For example, carrying a basket of laundry from the bedroom to the laundry room can be painful, making the task far more difficult than it has been previously. Luckily, assisted living can provide assistance with all basic routine tasks so that your loved one won't have to worry about doing them alone any longer.

2. They Are Experiencing More Frequent Injuries.

According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the primary reason for both non-fatal and fatal injuries among older adults in America. In fact, 25 percent of Americans ages 65 and older fall every single year. While the injuries are not always serious, they can be. The older your loved one gets, the more serious the injury is going to be when they fall. The more frequent their falls are, the more likely it is that they need help – even if they won't admit it. With assisted living, your loved one won't be alone 24/7 any longer and will be less likely to suffer a fall, leading to an unnecessary injury.

3. They Are Bored, Lonely and/or Depressed.

When your loved one is sitting at home all day with no one to interact with, they will be bored and lonely. In many cases, they will eventually become depressed, which is just as bad as being sick. Your loved one needs to remain active, upbeat, and energetic, and assisted living will allow your loved one to become part of a community with individuals just like him or her.

If your loved one has been experiencing any of the aforementioned things, it may be time to consider putting them into an assisted living facility. While it most definitely will be a transition, it is often a positive experience for everyone involved.