4 Features To Look For When Choosing A Senior Apartment Community To Move To

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4 Features To Look For When Choosing A Senior Apartment Community To Move To

4 April 2022
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Are you looking for a senior apartment community to make your new home? Here are a few important features that the community you choose should offer:

Easy Access to All Facilities

One important feature that should be offered at the senior apartment community you choose to live in is easy accessibility. Whether you are going into your apartment, visiting the management office, checking out the community center, or making use of the business center, you should not have any stairs to deal with. Instead, all buildings and spaces should be accessible by ramp and all the ramps should be outfitted with railings for added safety. All should be wide enough to accommodate access by foot, wheelchair, scooter, and walker with ease.

On-site Dining Options

While your new apartment should feature a complete kitchen so that you can cook for yourself, the community should also feature at least one community dining option to take advantage of whenever you want to. If you just aren't feeling up to cooking yourself a meal morning, noon, or night, you should be able to head to the community dining room and order from a menu of delicious meals just like you would at a restaurant. The community dining room offers an excellent opportunity to get your nutritional needs met without having to grocery shop, meal plan, or come up with healthy recipes yourself.

Regular Community Activities

Another thing your new senior apartment community should offer is regularly planned community activities. You should not have to leave your community to socialize, exercise, participate in special events, or enjoy a live band. Instead, your community should maintain a weekly or monthly activity schedule that makes it easy for you to get out and get active on any day of the week. Some of the activities your new community should offer include:

  • Water Aerobics
  • Knitting Classes
  • Game Nights
  • Poolside Concerts
  • Community BBQs
  • Community Dances
  • Book Clubs

Make sure that the community you choose to move to offers at least two activities that you currently enjoy. This will help ensure that you'll have something to do a few times a month. You can always try the other offerings to uncover new activities that you find interesting.

A Rideshare Program

There will come times when you will want to or have to leave your apartment community. Maybe you have to make a doctor's appointment, visit the post office to mail off a package, or meet family for lunch somewhere. You may have a vehicle and want to drive some places, but what if you don't drive or can't drive as often as you used to?

A rideshare program will allow you to get transportation when you need it without driving your own car all the time. Some communities have shuttles that go into town once or twice a day, while others manage true rideshare programs where each person signed up will take turns driving everyone else into town. Either way, ride-sharing can be beneficial in several ways. You'll save money on gas, you'll enhance your independence when you can't drive yourself, and you'll have social support when visiting stores and restaurants.

To learn more, contact a senior living community manager near you.