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Hi everyone, my name is Irene Maier. In the last few years, I have gone through the nursing home listings four times over in search of a proper home for each of my grandparents. Their varying medical conditions complicated the process. I had to find homes staffed with people who were trained to handle daily medical procedures and properly respond to emergencies. Furthermore, I had to consider my grandparent's daily care abilities to find a home they would be happy to rent. During this extensive search, I learned all about services, amenities and rooms offered at nursing homes and assisted living communities. I want to share that information with you through this website. I hope you will come back again soon to learn more.


Do You Need The Help Of A Skilled Nurse As You Care For Your Elderly Father?

2 April 2020
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When your mother died, was your father still able to live by himself and take care of all of his personal needs? He might have wanted to stay in the house that he and your mother shared for years as it was full of treasured memories. Perhaps the time came when even your dad realized that living by himself was not a good idea anymore. Besides having to take care of household repairs and doing heavy yard work, maybe he was just plain lonely. Read More …