2 Of Your Pressing Questions About Assisted Living Apartments Addressed

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2 Of Your Pressing Questions About Assisted Living Apartments Addressed

30 March 2015
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The aging process can ravage the body in many different ways, but many of these will result in your loved one losing their ability to care for themselves on a daily basis. This can make them more likely to encounter numerous health problems that may shorten or reduce the quality of their life. Fortunately, assisted living apartments may be a viable option for those that are needing a care option for a loved one that is having difficulty caring for themselves. By knowing the answers to a couple of routine questions, you should be better positioned to make smart choices for your loved one's needs. 

Do Assisted Living Apartments Provide Intensive Medical Care?

Some people are under the impression that assisted living apartments are no different than a nursing home. However, this is not true. There are important legal distinctions between the types of care that these different institutions can provide. 

For example, a nursing home is legally required to administered intensive medical care for those that are suffering from ailments. In contrast, an assisted living community is generally forbidden from providing medical care to residents. However, the professionals at an assisted living community will arrange for transportation to medical appointments whenever your loved one needs it. 

Do Residents Have Their Own Rooms?

A common concern is that guests will not have adequate privacy at these communities. However, it should be noted that every guest will have their own bedrooms in these facilities. Also, residents will typically be placed in their own apartment unit, and this helps ensure that they are as comfortable as possible in their new surroundings. 

However, there may be some instances where your loved one may desire a roommate. While this may seem like a simple request, it should be noted that many of these facilities are not equipped to accommodate this request because their units may only be single dwelling apartments. As a result, you may need to contact several facilities before you find one that is able to accommodate your loved one's request for a roommate. 

Enrolling your loved one into an assisted living apartment community may be the best option for giving them the help they need without compromising their freedom or sense of self. Many people do not have experience with these facilities, but knowing the difference between a nursing home and assisted living community and that many communities can not accommodate a roommate in their units will help you make the best choice for your loved one's needs. If you're looking for an assisted living complex in your area, visit Colonial Residence.