3 Common Concerns About Transitioning To A Senior Assisted Living Community

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3 Common Concerns About Transitioning To A Senior Assisted Living Community

16 August 2022
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A senior assisted living community can benefit elderly individuals and their families. Sometimes seniors are able to perform some of their day-to-day activities without assistance. However, it might be unsafe for them to be left alone for extended periods of time. Caretakers might notice signs of decline such as their loved one forgetting important things such as taking their medications, maintaining personal hygiene, or feeding their pet(s), or they might have difficulty recalling events that occurred throughout the day. A senior living community has caretakers who would assist residents with remembering to complete these types of tasks. 

Sometimes seniors show signs of depression or anxiety, and they might isolate themselves. Early entrance into an assisted living community can promote overall health. Some communities offer activities, which can encourage residents to engage with each other. This is helpful to form meaningful friendships. Socializing with other seniors may help depression or anxiety to be alleviated. It is not uncommon for seniors who are not experiencing a mental decline to deny that they need assistance even if they show signs of failing physical health. The following points highlight a few things that can make the transition to an assisted living community easier.

Location Concerns 

Ideally, individuals will be able to remain in their local area. Caretakers should try to find communities in close vicinity to their residences. The closer they live to the senior community, the more likely they are to visit. It also means that they can get to their loved ones quickly if a need arises. 

Comfort Concerns 

There are a variety of things that can make the transition easier. Seniors have activities that they enjoy at home. Caretakers should aim to make the new living arrangements as comfortable as possible. This might include ensuring that they have their own television if the community does not provide them in units. Some individuals have favorite activities such as sewing, crocheting, playing card games such as Solitaire, crossword puzzles, indoor exercises, and cooking. They would likely appreciate having their own personal supplies with them.

There might be community rules or safety precautions regarding activities such as cooking. If there are, family members can inquire about microwave usage and provide one if allowed. The community will aim to ensure that the transition is as less stressful as possible and that the environment is near the experience of being at home. 

Clothing Concerns

Seniors may have preferences about the type of clothing they wear. Since these communities are not medical facilities, clothing is usually not provided. The experience in a senior living community can be improved when individuals have their favorite clothing available to them. It is also important for caretakers to try to add to their wardrobe from time to time.

Some communities offer day trips to shopping centers and malls. These outings would be a good time for seniors to buy new clothes, which can lift their spirits. The community may provide laundry services, and it is a good idea to ensure that adequate underwear or disposable briefs are provided based on continence needs. 

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