Top Signs Assisted Living Might Be A Better Choice Than A Nursing Home

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Top Signs Assisted Living Might Be A Better Choice Than A Nursing Home

10 January 2023
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You might have always lived on your own, but now, you could be wondering if it's time for you to make some changes. This is something that many older adults find themselves thinking about. You could be wondering if it's time for you to move into a nursing home, but this might not actually be your best choice. Instead, living in an assisted living facility could be your best choice. These are a few signs that assisted living could actually be right for you.

You Don't Need Too Much Care 

First of all, if you need a lot of help with things — such as if you need help with bathing, shaving, getting up and down from your bed, and more — then you might need the help that can be provided for you in a nursing home. However, if you only need help with things here and there but can mostly take care of yourself, assisted living might work out just fine. With assisted living, you can get help with things when you feel you need it, and you might be helped with things like handling your medication. However, you will not get quite as much hands-on assistance as you would get in a nursing home, which is something that many people prefer when they don't actually need all of that help.

You're Looking for a More Affordable Choice

Nursing home care requires the help of a lot of people, which means that it can be a bit more expensive. Of course, there are costs that go along with staying in an assisted living facility, too. However, in many cases, assisted living facilities are more affordable than comparable nursing homes.

You Want to Have More Space and Privacy

In a nursing home, you might only have a small room, and you might share it with others. Staff might come in and out of your room a lot. With assisted living, you'll often have a bigger, private room, and you may even have a small apartment.

There are many great nursing homes out there that provide accommodations for the people who need them. However, even though you might not want to live alone anymore, you might not want to live in a nursing home, either. For many people, an assisted living facility is a better fit. For example, if a few or all of the things listed above seem to apply to you, then it might just be time for you to start looking into an assisted living facility that might work well for you.